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21 abandoned dogs taken to Pretoria animal shelter

21 abandoned dogs taken to Pretoria animal shelter

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Durban – About 21 local dogs were abandoned this weekend, according to a Pretoria animal shelter.

According to reports by The Citizen, one of the dogs was brought into the shelter with a burst stomach.

Cilla Trexler, the founder of Wollies shelter told The Citizen that they were worried about the number of abandoned animals.

They said they were expecting these numbers to increase over the festive season.

Weighing in on the topic, Animal Welfare Society of South Africa spokesperson, Allan Perrins told The Citizen that pet owners sometimes abandoned their pets while they go on holiday.

Speaking generally, The National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) said there was a big difference between abandoning your pet and handing them into the SPCA or animal shelter because you can no longer care for them.

Keshvi Nair, the organisation’s public relations officer said that it was illegal to abandon an animal and offenders would be prosecuted.

“Abandonment is a contravention of the Animals Protection Act no 71 of 1962. There is no excuse for abandoning an animal, considering the fact that all SPCAs across the country are open 24/7 to admit any unwanted, sick, injured, or stray animals.

“There are no fees associated with surrendering an animal to the SPCA, and the SPCA will never refuse to admit an animal in need into the care of the SPCA.

“There are also a number of other registered animal welfare organisations that accept unwanted animals as well,“ Nair said.

The NSPCA and its member societies will not hesitate to initiate prosecution against people found to be abandoning an animal/s.

“If the public suspects possible abandonment, they are advised to contact their local SPCA and lodge a complaint. We remind the public that all complaints are treated confidentially.

“Surrendering an animal into the care of the SPCA does not equate to abandonment, given the fact that the person has taken the initiative and responsibility to ensure that the animal is legally placed into the care of the SPCA who then assumes the responsibility of caring for the animal,” Nair said.

This week the NSPCA raised alarm bells over two scams involving pit bulls.

In the first scam, a post from an unverified government Twitter account offered a “reward” of R1 500 to anyone who reports the addresses of properties that are keeping pit bulls.

In the second scam, people attempted to impersonate SPCA personnel and demanded that people hand their pit bulls over to them.

The NSPCA has warned the public not to fall prey to these scams and to never hand over their dogs.

“If you can’t look after your animal for whatever reason, please take the animal to your local SPCA or Animal Welfare shelter directly,” they said.


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