10 New Year’s resolutions to have fun failing at


10 New Year’s resolutions to have fun failing at

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Give it a try and have some fun:

1. Take on Tiger

Whether you’e a weekend golfer or have aspirations to top the Masters Leaderboard, a Golf Club Brush and Groove Cleaner will keep your clubs looking like they belong to a top-class professional. This handy device attaches to a golf bag with a keychain.

2. Outshred Slash

Are you finally ready to turn in your air guitar for a real one? Learn How to Play the Electric Guitar by Ted Fuller will help you outshred Slash in no time. It is a complete practical guide with 200 step-by-step photographs, illustrations and musical exercises, and explains all the techniques of electric guitar playing, from basic set-ups to advanced scales and modes.

3. Unleash your inner Picasso

Perhaps this year you want to take your doodling to the next level and unleash your inner Picasso. Loot.co.za has all the art supplies you need to produce that masterpiece. From watercolours to charcoal to lino print sets, choose your medium and get busy.

4. Become a polyglot

Why not add another language to your repertoire? But instead of the usual suspects, learn Gaelic. Since English is also spoken in the Gaelic-speaking areas, communication in Gaelic is not so much a matter of necessity as of choice and interest. The book Everyday Gaelic by Morag Macneill covers more than just the phrases needed by an outsider in a foreign land – it also dips into the chatty, the personal and domestic aspects of the language.

5. Earn a Michelin star

10 New Year’s resolutions to have fun failing at

Slice and dice your way to a Michelin star (even if it’s one handed out by your housemates) with this Zwilling Professional S Chef's / Cook's Knife. The trustworthy quality and tradition of the riveted knives is easily visible by the full tang and the full length of solid steel. The classical styling and state-of-the-art technology in blade manufacturing makes the Professional 'S' Series a favourite of hobby chefs.

6. Spend less on fresh veg

10 New Year’s resolutions to have fun failing at

Think of the bragging rights that come with cooking and serving vegetables that you’ve grown yourself, not to mention the money you can save. Now growing your own herbs and vegetables at home has never been easier. The Elho Grow Table is a great addition to the Urban Garden – slimline and smart-looking. Simply fill with growing medium and grow your own fresh produce from seed or seedling.

7. Run a 4-minute mile

10 New Year’s resolutions to have fun failing at

If getting off the couch is your resolution and fitness is your goal, tracking your progress is made easy with the Forerunner 30. This simple-to-use GPS running watch provides all the key features you want to take with you when you run, including wrist-based heart rate1 and basic smart notifications². What else? It also lets you tap into fitness monitoring tools, track activity with ease and automatically upload your data to Garmin Connect, where you can really dig deep into your personal stats and stay motivated.

8. Read a great Russian novel

You know that list of the 100 novels you need to read before you turn 50, or is it 30? Anyway, whatever your age, tick one off by reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace

9. Become the next great diarist

You are destined for greatness and one day we are all going to want to read how you got there. Pen your thoughts in a Moleskine Extra-Large Ruled Notebook. The hard cover is bound in cardboard with rounded corners and a black elastic enclosure and bookmark while the 192-ruled pages are made from acid-free, ivory-coloured paper. Worthy of the next great diarist.

10. Build the Marie Celeste

The mystery of the Mary Celeste has intrigued people since 1872, when the ship was found adrift off the coast of Portugal with no-one left on board. A similar mystery is whether you have the focus and nimble fingers needed to put together a model kit of this ship or any other from Artesania Latina’s collection.

Whatever you resolution, we hope you have fun trying something new in 2021.

All items available at Loot.co.za.

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